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The famous magic mushrooms! - Check our grow kits.

The famous magic mushrooms! Mushrooms have been used for centuries to expand the mind. Nowadays magic mushrooms are the most popular product in smart shops. Fancy growing your own mushrooms quick and easy? Check our grow kits.

  A growkit for the starting mushroom cultivator. All necessary materials easily combined for your first steps in the world of the mushroom cultivation. Included: sporesyringe golden teacher, vermiculite, sterile gloves, filterbag, instructions, etc. - Starters growkit >>
  With this growbox you can grow your own 'magic mushrooms' in less than two weeks. Without any extra knowledge or 'hard to get' equipment. After two weeks you can have 400-600 grams of fresh psilocybe cubensis! It can't get easier than this. - Growbox Cubensis >>
  The mushroom psilocybe Mexicana A is a special mushroom that can produce truffles.This strain grows in the subtropical regions of Mexico, and has been found in Guatemala as well. - Growbox Philosopher's stone >>
  A new, very basic cubensis growkit, based on the well known PF-Tek method. Cheap, but still a possible yield of 150 - 250 grams! - Mushball
  The Mushbag contains over 1400 grams of sterilized rye, and is fitted with an air filter and rubber injection port that seals the bag hermetically after injection with a spore syringe. - Mushbag
  These beautiful Magic Mushroom are carved from a parasitic plant which grows on the Chinaberry tree (Melia azedarach) of Bali, Indonesia. This plant parasite causes the wood to distort and deform into unique mushroom-like growths. - Carved mushrooms >>
  The Amanita Muscaria is best known as the red Fly Agaric mushroom. The most important active substance is muscimol. For experienced psychonauts only!. - Amanita muscaria >>
  A water pipe nicely shaped as a group of mushrooms. The pipe is hidden under the mushroom hats, so normally it looks like a decorative statuette without revealing its real purpose. Made of solid porcelain. Height: appr. 24 cm / 9.5 inches. - Bong Magic Mushroom >>
  The smallest illuminated mini zoom microscope available! An ideal tool for growers and electronic engineers. - Microscope 60x - 100x >>
  A small, but very detailed book about the cultivation of the famous Peyote and San Pedro cacti, as well as some other cacti. It describes different methods such as growing from seed, cutting and grafting. - Cultivation and Propagation of Cacti
  The most extensive guidebook on all different varieties of the Trichocereus cactus. It includes hundreds of pictures of the San Pedro and all his less known relatives, as well as their botany, chemistry and history. - San Pedro and Related Trichoc. Species
  Describes de history, methods of use and cultivation of the Peyote and the San Pedro cactus. - Peyote and Other Psychoactive Cacti


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